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Mimi Discussion started by Mimi 3 years ago
I decided to start this discussion because the health of our dogs is a top priority for each of us. Dog health requires certain care that is not complex but requires it to be performed on a regular basis. These care can also be fun if toys are used for this purpose. Have fun while helping your dog to be healthy and active.
What is the benefit of dog toys?
Exercises to Tone: Many city-living dogs spend more time in homes than in the open. We must not forget that in their natural environment, the ancestors of today's domestic dogs were wild animals that were constantly on the move. That is why it is important for today's dogs to be active every day. Toys offer dogs the ability to move and avoid obesity, diabetes, arthritis and other diseases that immobilisation can cause.
Brain Gymnastics: Dogs are highly intelligent animals. They experience the same emotions as humans and can also be bored. Toys that encourage inherent ingenuity and curiosity make our dogs happy and raise their mood. It has been proven that the game relieves the mental burden and distracts the boredom and the sense of loneliness and depression. Dogs can be the best and cheerful companions when enjoying excellent physical health and mental health.
Approximation: Loving, sociable and loving animals like dogs need to belong to a family or pack. The rapprochement, the love and the game are very important to them. Interaction with people or other dogs is the best opportunity for dogs to show their social side. For this reason, it is important to spend enough time dedicating yourself to bringing the dog together. If you use toys, playing with your dog can be fun and therapeutic, and help you get off with it.
Strong teeth: Toys can also be useful for the dog's dental hygiene because it will be difficult for you to clean his teeth by hand. Chewing not only stimulates the release of gum-beneficial saliva but also strengthens the jaw and makes the teeth more sharp.
Not sure what toy to choose for your dog?
I hope these criteria will make it easier for you to choose:
1. Size: It is logical that the size of the toy should be consistent with the size of your dog. Avoid too little toys the dog could swallow to avoid choking.
2. Materials and Sustainability: Observe your dog's behavior and choose the toy according to his habits. It may love to chew, bury, tear, bring or cuddle different objects. Chewing toys must be of durable, durable materials. Cushioning - made of soft materials for transport - from light and burial toys - from natural materials.
3. Safety: It is not preferable to select toys with small parts with which your dog might choke. Read the information carefully and make sure the toy does not contain any harmful material.
4. Easy cleaning: Do not complicate your life. If necessary, choose waterproof toys that can be washed in the washing machine.
Types of Toys: With such a variety of toys, it is sometimes not easy to choose the best one.
Here you will find information on the different types of toys:
Tweeters: Your dog will work for hours. They can be washed in the washing machine and are ideal for throwing and bringing.

KONG Dog Toys: Made of natural rubber, these toys are optimal for dogs who like to chew. They bounce in all directions and your dog will certainly not be bored. Toys are hollow, easy to clean and can be filled with food.

Floating toys: Ideal for dogs who like to play in the water.

Balls, ropes and rings: classic toys for throwing in different shapes and sizes.

Intelligent Toys: Stimulate the dog's mind and train his memory.

Chew toys: Ideal for both pallet-grown teeth and dogs that like to chew.

Sports and training: Regardless of whether you are preparing your dog for a race or just encouraging him to sport tonic, there are plenty of dog toys for sports and training. So the dog can maintain shape and learn.