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Holly Discussion started by Holly 1 year ago
I want to share with you some games and activities that make us (cats) happy!

Are toys for cats useful?

Movement: Urban cats spend more time at home and need as much movement as possible. Domestic cats often suffer from obesity and related illnesses. The moving cats enjoy good health and the toys offer your cat a lot of fun and movement. Unloading from stress and strain: Just like humans, cats can also be bored, tense or humiliated. As with humans and cats, movement and entertainment are excellent tools against boredom and depression. It has been shown that regular play reduces aggression in cats and helps with problems in their behavior.
Brain Gymnastics: The games develop the intelligence and skills of cats. Cats are hunters by nature and love the challenges.
Approach: When you have time to play with your cat and have fun together, it is more attached to you. Cats are mating animals that need attention, and games are the best place for them. In addition, it has been proven that cats play also helps people get rid of stress and tension so that the time spent on the four-legged pets will also work well for you.
Full-bodied rest: Active cats rest and relax more fully than immobilized. Regular movement helps your cat maintain its shape, ensures good sleep and creates healthy eating habits.
Not sure which cat toys will be most suitable for your pet?

The following tips will help you make the right choice:
1. Size: The size of the toy must be in accordance with the size of your cat.
2. Materials and Sustainability: Gums, resistant materials are better. Make quality and choose a toy for a cat that will not be easily damaged.
3. Safety: Does your cat habit make a paw and chew anything that falls on her? Then it is not preferable to choose toys with small parts that the cat could easily bite. Do not buy toys containing harmful materials.
4. Laundry: Can the selected cat toys be washed in the washing machine? This is important for hygiene considerations.
5. Stimulating effect: There are natural oils that stimulate your cat's senses. The feline mint, for example, may be beneficial to the cat's upbringing because it attracts and has a tonic effect. Valerian is another herb that affects cats. Both herbs relieve the animals from stress and strain. If you toss with them the toys or the scraping tree will awaken the curiosity of the cat and motivate it to move.
Types of Cat Toys: Do you want to buy a toy for your cat, but are not sure which to choose?

Here you will find information on the different types of toys:
Intelligent toys: Stimulate the inborn curiosity of cats.

Toys for Speed: Cats love moving targets and these toys can engage their attention for hours.

Cat tunnels and sacks: Does your cat love to hide and cuddle? She'd probably like to hide in these tunnels.

Toys - Mice: Sweet little toys from different materials your cat can play.

Toys with cat mint: enchant your cat's senses with toys with a mint flavor.